Yoram Yasur Abt: Workplace stress symptoms

Yoram Yasur Abt | More and more people are suffering from work stress and feel overwhelmed daily, both by the amount of work and by the responsibility of it. This feeling of restlessness does not disappear once you leave work, continue in an iron way without being able to disconnect from the pending tasks and the anguish of those that are yet to come.

One of the data that we must keep in mind always is that work stress affects all levels: physical, emotional, and cognitive. This does not mean that the person suffering from stress is aware of what is happening to him or can quickly link the cause to the consequences, or vice versa. This will make it difficult for you to find the help you need to deal with that emotional state.

Workplace stress emotional symptoms:

Emotions can sometimes be complex and difficult to translate, even one may not be aware that he is especially irascible, but that does not mean that people around him do not easily perceive it.

“Emotional instability is going to be one of the clues to investigate”. That state in which one does not know how to find or change emotion quickly, is an indication that something is happening. If we determine with work stress, a person can be irritable and soon sad, joy and euphoria are not usually in their range consistently, rather it is usually an emotional state that leads to a depressive episode.

In turn, there may be relationship problems with others, not only because of your emotional state. But also because of the lack of desire to do things, even the ones you like. You may feel more tired and tired than normal, all combined with anxiety problems. People with work-related stress may also have difficulty resting and can lead to sleep disorders.

Workplace physical stress:

Yoram Yasur Abt:

“The physical symptoms of work-related stress are much easier to distinguish than emotional symptoms. More than anything because a physical pain that is easier to name:

“My back hurts” will appear”.

If we submit to the body at constant tension, regardless of whether one is aware that. He is in constant hypervigilance or with the body unable to relax him. The whole body will suffer. It may begin with a contracture, by feeling the rigid body or being self-conscious that it cannot be undone.

In addition, headaches can also occur due to tension. Accompanied by other physical symptoms related to anxiety such as tachycardia. Hyperventilation, tremors, excessive sweating, etc. On the other hand, it can also cause eating disorders like lack of appetite. Intestinal problems and even stomachs.

Work strain, cognitive symptoms:

If we think it coldly and considering the above mentioned, a person who is in an unstable emotional state. And with physical discomfort do you think it will be easy to be effective in your work?

In the end, being stressed makes one unable to think clearly and shows difficulty in maintaining attention. Because they lose their concerns. Even in thinking about tasks that will come later. Or that comes to consider their own ability to cope with work.

Being subjected to a constant tension, memory can also fail. And all lead to a terrible feeling of loss of control.

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