Yoram Yasur Abt: Transformations that your body suffers

Yoram Yasur Abt | The human body never takes a break. When you are not digesting what you have just eaten, you are getting rid of the toxins. Recovering from the last training effort, or simply inhaling and exhaling. These are processes that occur in the body without us not even noticing it, unless they fail, Of course:

That’s when we become aware of them.

“Another way in which we can sometimes realize these biological processes is paying attention to the aspect that our body takes and how we feel”. Sometimes we let ourselves be deceived and believe that in a single day we may have climbed up to 2 or 3 kilos, but neglect, it can be a natural reaction of the body.

Read below what can be those changes that occur in your body in just a few hours and can change their appearance subtly:

Fluid retention:

When you woke up you felt very light and the image of the mirror you really liked.

At last the hours in the gym begin to show and you feel more powerful than ever for having maintained a healthy and balanced diet throughout the week.

But when you get home, at night, after a delicious dinner where you definitely exceeded yourself. (But this is the balance, is not it?)

The image that gives you back the mirror does not please you as much as in the morning. Before you let the guilt take over you, remember:

Impossible for they’re to be noticeable changes in my body in just 12 hours. Yoram Yasur Abt: “The process that is going through your body is the retention of water. And more if you drank alcohol and ate a substantial amount of carbohydrates and salt”.

Your period:

You know that when that time of the month comes, you have to prepare. Your body not only retains liquids, but the size of the breasts changes, the digestive processes are altered, you feel fatigued, there is not an area of ​​our body that does not hurt you and you can come to cry with the simplest comment that they make you.

Unfortunately, women have been taught that they have to condemn. And detest these days of the month and endure them as they can with the help of pain relief pills. On top of that, sometimes these days. We allow our minds to win and we also feel guilty for the swelling and also to satisfy our enormous need to eat everything we like.

But you must have patience: respecting the natural cycles of your body is a fundamental part of loving yourself.

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