Yoram Yasur Abt: Do not get crazy, Alopecia

Yoram Yasur Abt | Before getting crazy about your hair loss and going to the supermarket to shop hundreds. Of products that not necessary will solve the problem.

Before getting products you should see a dermatologist to have a diagnostic.

Have you been overwhelmed of seeing day-to-day long strains of hair in your pillow, sofa, the bathtub and your hairbrush?

You can’t stop thinking about getting bold?

Well you need to chill. First of al there’s no reason the freak out because there’s already solutions for that.

The important thing is to find the right treatment, be patient and above all perseverant.

Alopecia is a frequent problem, boldness is known as well as alopecia, is the loss or absence of hair.

“This situation allows seeing boldness in an isolated and unique form or in multiple forms. You can see it better in the hair scalp. But it can appear in any part of the body that has hair”.

This condition is common in men and women and it can be qualified like this:

• Androgenic alopecia:

Also known as premature, androgenic or common boldness for being the most frequent one, its genetic and affects older men.

• Aerate:

its characterized by the sudden loss of hair in a determined section, it grows again months later, but if you lose all your hair its difficult that it will grow back again.

• Toxic:

it can be presented after a period of high fiber or a very serious illness. Some medicines like vitamin A and retinoid can cause toxic alopecia. When the drug is suspended, alopecia can disappear.

• Scar:

In many cases it occurs where there’s has been a process of scarification or a scar (burnings or x rays therapy).

And hair won´t come out of there.

Yoram Yasur Abt Doctor Commentary:

“Other diseases like lupus and skin infections because of fungus or bacteria’s can cause another types of scaring can provoke hair loss”.

• Traumatic:

Most of the time the patient provokes it, due to friction or pressure. The most commons are originated by putting hair. Thru tight hair does like braids and ponytails.

• Diffuse:

A moderate loss after giving birth or having systematic chronic diseases, it only lasts 6 months to recover from it fully.

Most of these types of this disease have no cure; never the less some types disappear by themselves. The treatments can include medicine to stimulate hair growth. In extreme cases surgery is the best answer.

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