Yoram Yasur Abt: Things you can do to take care of your sight

The health of our eyes becomes essential both to make sense of the maximum of time, and to take care of the contagious diseases they face daily. Today we give you some guidelines to take care of your sight and to keep it healthy.

# 1 Take off your contact lenses when your sleeping:

You should never sleep with them unless they are meant for that. In any case, while we sleep, our eyes rest, and with something strange inside can not breathe, which will end up noting it, showing the tired view.

# 2 Do not abuse of the computer:
It is best not to abuse the screens with light, but if for work you must do it, make sure that you give the necessary breaks so that your view does not end up passing your bill.

# 3 Do not rub your eyes:
Rubbing the eyes is a habit that some people consider to be good, but that is nothing positive. In fact, you can irritate or inadvertently introduce dirt into them.

# 4 Always take off your makeup:
Sleeping with makeup, in this case the one that affects the eyes, can be really harmful. In addition to not letting the skin breathe, some particle may end up inside your own and end up doing you a lot of damage.

# 5 Eat healthy:
Yoram Yasur Abt: “Vitamin A and other amino acids and micronutrients are essential to maintain the health of our eyesight. Make sure you have a varied and balanced diet and that these are in it”.

# 6 Don’t smoke:

It is already known that smoking impairs the health of the whole body. However, the damage to the vision is to worry. When you smoke, you may increase the chance of age-related macular degeneration. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Studies show that smokers have more eye diseases than people who do not smoke”.


# 7 Regular exams:
The visits to the oculist or ophthalmologist, must be done regularly every year. However, if the doctor recommends a closer visit it is fine to listen to him. On the other hand if you present symptoms that put your visual health at risk, the ideal is to refer to the specialist to rule out or diagnose an early problem.

Your sight is one of the most important senses with which to explore the world, and for that reason it is fundamental that you take care of it, paying attention to the advice that we have given you. Do you apply any different in the daily care of your eyes?


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