Yoram Yasur Abt talks about Ichthyotherapy

Yoram Yasur Abt : 

Ichthyotherapy is a widely used treatment that helps remove dead skin and impurities from the feet and hands in a completely relaxing way, it can also be done in other parts of the body but it is not very frequent. Yoram Yasur Abt: “The only fish suitable for ichthyotherapy is the Garra rufa or doctor fish originating in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran because it has no teeth, so it does not cause pain, removes dead skin, bacteria and calluses causing a small pressure with its round mouth, which produces a natural exfoliating effect and a relaxing sensation”. Another beneficial feature of fish sucking is that they stimulate acupuncture points, modulate the nervous system to relax the area being treated, reduce stress, and improve blood flow, there is also evidence that ichthyotherapy helps decrease signs of psoriasis and eczema.

Yoram Yasur : Where to do ichthyotherapy: Yoram Yasur Abt: “The beauty or spa centers that offer ichthyotherapy should be very rigorous regarding the care of the fish and the hygiene of the tanks for the treatment to be effective, that is why people with exposed wounds, weakened immune system, recent infectious processes, skin diseases, diabetes, or other contagious disease in the area to be treated, cannot have contact with the fish”.

Yoram Yasur : Water sources do not have chlorine or other harmful chemicals, it is filtered after each treatment and there are about 100 fish in each to prevent them from being overcharged or passing infections between clients, although this rarely happens. Sometimes claws are placed in aquariums so they can have rest periods.

Yoram Yasur : The prices of this treatment vary depending on the duration and additional services that it includes. It is recommended that after a skin exposure to Garra rufa a pedicure is performed, so it is common for both services to come in a pack, and to wait at least 24 hours before depilating the area that has been treated.

Yoram Yasur : Benefits and effects of ichthyosis: Yoram Yasur Abt: “Because this process is not harmful to fish or people, it can be performed as many times as required, however, the ideal recommendation is a 30-minute session each week. Most people comment that even after the first session the skin is much softer and smoother”.

Yoram Yasur : Be aware of the quality of the site where the treatment is to be performed, as some beauty centers have no expertise in what is ichthyotherapy by definition. Garra rufa are quite expensive and to reduce costs they buy fish that look similar but are unable to perform well because they have teeth, so the skin is damaged, they feel discomfort and are much more likely to contract infections, in In other cases, the water is not constantly filtered and the fish and dead skin of other customers is stagnant in the tank, it may also occur that the fish are overexploited, depriving them of a normal diet so that they are hungry enough at the time of that the clients arrive.

Yoram Yasur : With its pro and it’s against ichthyotherapy is a procedure that if carried out with all measures of safety is extremely beneficial for the skin and general health, for its additional benefits and the fun feeling of having many fish swimming through your body.

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