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Yoram Yasur Abt: This blog will give you very important information about health, nutrition, exercise, food, natural remedies, physical activities and sports.

You will find a lot of myths about exercise that you will find interesting and will definitely will help you to have a better resistance and performance in sports. That is what we are looking for thought this digital blog, that you can find good recommendations and tips to take care of your body. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Exercising is one of the best ways to keep a good shape and to develop muscles and strength. Every year that is passing in our life, every birthday we celebrate, we are adding 365 days of using that wonderful machine called human body”. And if we want that machine to be alive and working perfectly for a lot of time, I guess that is what we all want, right? we must take proper care of it. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Exercising is a great way of keeping that machine in good conditions and giving it best. You can see a big difference between a person that has been living an active life and a couch person”. And the difference is not only seen in the shape, you can see it in the attitude, the mind, the skin, the way of reacting to diseases, the way the body reacts to stress, the time of recovery from injuries and treatments, in general, the way the whole body reacts to the environment. Exercising is one of the best natural medicines of the world. It really is great for everything in your life. Yoram Yasur Abt: “The endorphins your body segregates when you exercise, are the ones that will boost your mood and your energy”. That is why, after a workout, we will feel exhausted, of course, we will feel tired, but our mood will be great!! It is like the feeling when you reach your goal, when you ran the distance you wanted, and you made it! it is that kind of feeling!!

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