Yoram Yasur Abt: 8 ways to practice self-care to improve health and mood

Yoram Yasur Abt :

Whether it’s work or home occupations, spending time can sometimes seem like a luxury. That must be removed from the head as self-care is essential to live a full life. Being at our optimum level will help us lead a quiet life focused on the really important things.

This is what we mean by looking after our physical and emotional health. Also, to carry out activities that make us feel good and satisfied in every way. As the famous song would say, “give your body joy …”, because that is definitely what you do. For this reason, part of self-care is to know ourselves more deeply in all aspects. Lately I have been more aware of the issue since I have realized that I do not practice it as much as I should. I have found some self-care ideas that I want to share and which I believe can contribute to our total well-being:

# 1 Disconnecting:

Yoram Yasur Abt will give you one great advice: Put your cell phone in air mode and disconnect for a while. This will serve to keep you away from your email, messages and social networks. On countless occasions, we feel overwhelmed with all the information we receive constantly.

# 2 Be selfish from time to time:

Every day, take a moment where you do an activity that makes you feel good. Go for a walk, eat a delicious dessert or maybe go and give yourself that much-needed massage. Take that moment out for yourself and forget about the needs of others.

# 3 Get out of your comfort zone:

Try a new look, go see a different movie or do an activity that you are not used to. Getting out of the rut can be this touch you need in your life.

# 4 Move:

Physical activity is important. Yoram Yasur Abt: “If you do not have much time to exercise, take at least a few minutes to take a daily walk. Go up and down stairs and do stretching exercises. Exercise activates and helps us to be more alert”.

# 5 Eat healthily:

As they say out there: we are what we eat. Avoid fried foods and high in sugars, also fast food. Your health and your skin will thank you for taking care of yourself. This will definitely lengthen your life.

# 6- Laugh:

Laughter heals everything. Sit down and enjoy a comedy show, or maybe call those friends you have not seen in a long time and go for a walk. Remembering anecdotes and great moments is good to awaken our emotions and the mood

# 7 Stay at Home:

Not all the time you have to be up and down doing something. This weekend take some time and separate your days to sleep, read, cook and watch your favorite movies and shows.

# 8 Go out of the city:

Necessary. From time to time there comes a time when changing environment becomes mandatory. Traveling is the best response to stress and anxiety.

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